Architectural, Space Planning and Interior Design Services

REM Design & Associates, LLC, offers a wide range of services that will be tailored to fit your unique requirements. We are different from most design professionals in that we believe in a "holistic" approach to architecture. That is, we view true architecture as fully understanding the needs of those people that will use the building on a day to day basis. With this insight we set out to implement a "super design" that assures success by considering and coordinating all aspects of a building's components including the selection of the site and how the building will be oriented on it; careful analysis of environmental considerations including air quality, temperature and humidity control, water quality, types and intensities of lighting, effects of colors, and finishes on emotional well-being, mood and work productivity; careful selection of furnishings and equipment resulting in less physical strain on the human body encouraging better posture and fewer stress points on the arms, wrists, and back; the use of equipment that lessens or eliminates noise pollution, reduces energy use and contains recycled materials as much as possible. For a project to be truly successful, all of these areas should be considered.


However, we are also realistic about our client’s financial resources and will create a scope of services that is meaningful and comfortable for our client’s budgetary needs.

1. Consultation

  • ADA surveys of existing buildings and grounds
  • Assessment of developed and undeveloped properties
  • Eco-friendly construction evaluation and recommendations
  • Building site selection and real estate consultation
  • Meeting with local zoning and building departments
  • Creation of renderings and building models
  • Architectural photography

2. Pre-Design Services

  • Creation of existing floorplans drawn to scale (if applicable)
  • Inventory of existing furnishings and equipment (if applicable)
  • Determination of space needs and recommendations
  • Building code review and analysis

3. Design and Design Development Services

  • Space planning services
  • Interior architecture & design services
  • Furniture, finish and material selections mounted on color boards
  • Building mass studies, renderings and models
  • Existing building renovation evaluation and cost analysis
  • Cost estimating and pricing

4. Contract Document and Construction Services

  • Detailed contractual drawings and specifacations for bidding, permits and construction
  • Field observation and progress reports
  • Shop drawing and sample reviews
  • Bidding analysis and contractor review
    payment applications

Land Development Services

In addition to providing great architectural, space planning and interior design services, REM Design can also provide a full range of land development services for our clients. This includes the services listed below:

  • Land availability and due diligence research
  • Soils studies and engineering
  • Initial development layout and profitability studies
  • Zoning board presentations and approvals
  • Finance package acquisition
  • Bonding determination and acquisition
  • Bidding and award of contracts
  • Construction monitoring and management
  • HOA creation and implementation
  • Supporting landscaping, lighting and other improvements
  • Proposed commercial, retail or residential construction
  • PUD developments


Would you like to discuss your specific needs?

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