Our Mission

Our mission is to provide creative solutions to complex design challenges while being sensitive to the financial and scheduling constraints for each project in a manner that is always professional, personable, responsive, and having the highest regard for integrity in doing business with our clients.

Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood...

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, "It is the province of knowledge to speak. And it is the privilege of wisdom to listen." At REM Design, we listen to the needs of our clients in all phases of the project. While it is easy for us to focus on the outcome of a aesthetic value of particular design, we realize it will not be a success if it isn't affordable or able to be built in the required time constraints. This is why we encourage client participation all through the design process in collaboration with our resources of experience and personnel. Only after listening and truly understanding our client's needs, we respond by giving each project a sense of place, scale, and character within its setting. Our concern for appropriate design considers functional feasibility, realistic economic constraints, and a multitude of other factors unique to each project. REM Design has great appreciation for the ways in which these elements are drawn together to create quality, serviceable buildings.


From initial program definition to final refinement and execution of detail, REM Design brings an integrated, comprehensive team of seasoned professionals. We use a network of experienced consultants and associates building a consortium of disciplines, working in an open, creative, and flexible manner to assure that opportunities are being approached creatively and that solutions represent the best value for our clients. 


In essence, we believe design is a process of accurately, sensitively, and creatively synthesizing diverse elements into a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing whole.

What We Bring To The Table...

  • Award winning architecture and interior design
  • A goal to always listen to, and understand your needs and concerns
  • Knowledge, competence, workable solutions
  • Portfolio of previous projects, record of success
  • A broad range of products and services

Want to learn more about our philosophy?

Please contact us at (513) 204-3451 or use our contact form.