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Richard Martin, RA



Richard Martin is the founding member of REM Design & Associates, LLC, bringing over 30 years of experience to the table.


Well known for his personability and expertise, Mr. Martin offers a multitude of strengths to his architectural practice: thoughtful analysis, clear communication, teamwork, technical knowledge, attention to detail, and sensitivity to good design. He is personally involved in every project and sincerely dedicated to client service.


Mr. Martin combines his depth of knowledge with current design techniques and proven building methods to provide a unique approach to architecture that blends with any setting, whether it is a new office building in a historic business district or a new church facility adjacent to an established residential neighborhood.


His specialty is designing buildings from the inside out. Having his license in architecture and being a certified interior designer as well as a land developer affords Mr. Martin the unique ability to envision both the exterior and interior of a building and how each affects the other as well as the site it is built on. When all these areas are considered, it vastly increases the likelihood of achieving a successful project.


Mr. Martin has been the recipient of several awards, including several design awards from the Cincinnati Homebuilders Association for his entry into their popular local annual homeshow.

REM Design & Associates, LLC, represents expertise, commitment and long-term project experience.


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  • Chris Timmons
  • Marketing Coordinator & CAD Technician





Chris Timmons joined REM Design & Associates, LLC, in February 2013 to provide his hands-on expertise in the building construction and marketing departments of our company for the benefit of maintaining project budgets during the initial conceptual and design development stages of a project.


Chris's experience in the design and developement stages includes quality CAD skills, quality preparation, and quality execution on designs and working drawings. Chris executes proven marketing skills to enable our ability to gain future work and ensure our success as a firm for years to come.

Associates and Consultants


REM Design & Associates, LLC, has established a network of highly skilled associates and consultants to use as the need arises for specialized areas such as acoustical design, unique lighting issues, structural engineering, mechanical engineering (plumbing, heating & cooling systems), and landscape architects.


By utilizing a network of consultants, REM Design & Assoiates, LLC, is able to increase time used for the design phase of a project while simultaneously keeping fees to a minimum.